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Aluminum Flaps

Aluminium trapdoors

Revision aluminum trapdoors with gypsum cardboard. They are made of two stop angles frames, appropriately adjusted with a loose. They are filled with gypsum – cardboard Hydro H2 (GKBI) 12,5 mm or 25 mm. They are closed with two detents, which open a trapdoor after its push. To prevent from willful opening, you have to hang a door wings by means of the carabiner. The trapdoors are amounted in the walls and ceilings for better access to the valves, switches and other devices.

Internal measures in mm

width x height

External measures in mm

width x height

200 x 200 250 x 250
300 x 300 350 x 350
400 x 400 450 x 450
500 x 500 550 x 550
600 x 600 650 x 650
200X200 aluminium trapdoor 1 board 
200X200 aluminium trapdoor 2 board 
300x300 aluminium trapdoor 1 board 
300x300 aluminium trapdoor 2 board 
400x400 aluminium trapdoor 1 board 
400x400 aluminium trapdoor 2 board 
500x500 aluminium trapdoor 1 board 
500x500 aluminium trapdoor 2 board 
600x600 aluminium trapdoor 1 board 
600x600 aluminium trapdoor 2 board